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Original Robert Franz at a discounted price!

Promotion packages at Robert Franz offer a variety of high-quality products designed to promote the well-being of your pets, provide natural dietary supplements, and enable environmentally conscious washing in your household.

Pet Nutrition: DOGenesis Probiotic Set for a Healthy Gut

The DOGenesis Probiotic Set is an innovation aimed at enhancing your dog's digestive health. You can conveniently purchase this set online, trusting in its 100% natural ingredients. It includes Probiotic Sticks that aid in supporting your dog's natural gut flora. These sticks contain effective microorganisms that aid in gut cleansing and promote intestinal health. Additionally, the set comprises 15 kg of high-quality dry food specifically designed to complement your pet's diet. This gluten-free food includes OPC, a powerful antioxidant that offers comprehensive nutritional support to your dog.

Supplements: Capsule Filling Set for Personalized Dietary Supplements

The Capsule Filling Set is an ideal choice for creating your own dietary supplements. This set, available for online purchase, includes OPC and 2000 Veggie Capsules. It enables you to produce high-quality dietary supplements using 100% natural ingredients. These capsules are vegan and provide an excellent way to customize your nutritional intake. By incorporating OPC into your diet, you can reap the numerous health benefits of this natural component.

Household: Washing Module for Radiant Cleanliness without Detergents

The Washing Module is a revolutionary method for environmentally friendly washing that delivers radiant cleanliness without conventional detergents. When purchasing this module for your household, also available online, you wash without traditional detergents. This sustainable system utilizes special technology to ensure purity and freshness without resorting to chemical substances. Thus, you achieve clean, radiant results while also contributing positively to the environment.

Explore Robert Franz's promotion packages and opt for high-quality products that prioritize quality, naturalness, and sustainability.

Capsule Filling Machine Set
230,00 EUR
230,00 EUR per peace
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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